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Consequence meaning

consequence - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. That which follows something on which it depends; that which is produced by a cause; a result.
  2. 2. A proposition collected from the agreement of other previous propositions; any conclusion which results from reason or argument; inference.
  3. 3. Chain of causes and effects; consecution.
  4. 4. Importance with respect to what comes after; power to influence or produce an effect; value; moment; rank; distinction.
  5. 5. That which follows; result; importance.

consequence - examples of usage

  1. To the first men, who lived entirely upon hunting and fishing, the soil was of little consequence.
  2. 5288. What was done in consequence? - "Second Shetland Truck System Report", William Guthrie.
  3. 4948. What was the consequence? - "Second Shetland Truck System Report", William Guthrie.
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