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Comprehend meaning

comprehend - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. To contain; to embrace; to include; as, the states comprehended in the Austrian Empire.
  2. 2. To take in or include by construction or implication; to comprise; to imply.
  3. 3. To take into the mind; to grasp with the understanding; to apprehend the meaning of; to understand.
  4. 4. To comprise; include; understand.

comprehend - examples of usage

  1. Perhaps some pressure of an arm meaning she did not even comprehend. - "To-morrow?", Victoria Cross.
  2. And when, afterwards, he looks at what he has written he feels it is something not wholly his own, but that it is the work of some powerful influence he can hardly comprehend, and cannot certainly rule." - "To-morrow?", Victoria Cross.
  3. Then, next morning, when the soldiers left, the boys could not altogether comprehend it. - "Two Little Confederates", Thomas Nelson Page.
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