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Clan meaning

clan - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. A tribe or collection of families, united under a chieftain, regarded as having the same common ancestor, and bearing the same surname; as, the clan of Macdonald.
  2. 2. A clique; a sect, society, or body of persons; esp., a body of persons united by some common interest or pursuit; - sometimes used contemptuously.
  3. 3. A tribe; family; set of persons.

clan - examples of usage

  1. There is no personal property then, save wearing apparel and arms; everything else belongs to the family, which means to the clan.
  2. You are a welcome guest here whenever you please to return, and the flower of the clan is ever at your service.
  3. But never had the clan possessed greater power than when ruled over by the friend and ally of the avenger, the venerable Hilarion, surnamed the Just.
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