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Chouse meaning

chouse - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. One who is easily cheated; a tool; a simpleton; a gull.
  2. 2. A trick; sham; imposition.
  3. 3. A swindler.
  4. 4. To cheat, trick, defraud; - followed by of, or out of; as, to chouse one out of his money.

chouse - examples of usage

  1. What was this your Contrivance, to abuse, trick, and chouse me of my Child! - "The Busie Body", Susanna Centlivre Commentator: Jess Byrd.
  2. Oh, what a chouse! - "Julian Home", Dean Frederic W. Farrar.
  3. " It was rather a chouse to shoot a cretin, though," said another, in chaff. - "Julian Home", Dean Frederic W. Farrar.
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