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Cement meaning

cement - 11 dictionary results

  1. 1. Any substance used for making bodies adhere to each other, as mortar, glue, etc.
  2. 2. A kind of calcined limestone, or a calcined mixture of clay and lime, for making mortar which will harden under water.
  3. 3. The powder used in cementation. See Cementation, n., 2.
  4. 4. Bond of union; that which unites firmly, as persons in friendship, or men in society.
  5. 5. To unite or cause to adhere by means of a cement.
  6. 6. To unite firmly or closely.
  7. 7. To overlay or coat with cement; as, to cement a cellar bottom.
  8. 8. To become cemented or firmly united; to cohere.
  9. 9. The layer of bone investing the root and neck of a tooth; - called also cementum.
  10. 10. An adhesive substance for uniting stone, glass, & c.
  11. 11. To unite with cement.

cement - examples of usage

  1. He would also use cement plaster on inside of silo. - "Economy of the Round Dairy Barn", Wilber John Fraser.
  2. The floor and cooling tank are of cement. - "Economy of the Round Dairy Barn", Wilber John Fraser.
  3. Instantly Drake's large face stiffened like cement, and his overcoat was on the ground. - "Garrison's Finish A Romance of the Race-Course", W. B. M. Ferguson.
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