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Cast meaning

cast - 47 dictionary results

  1. 1. select to play, sing, or dance a part in a play, movie, musical, opera, or ballet; " He cast a young woman in the role of Desdemona"
  2. 2. ( of molten metal or glass) formed by pouring or pressing into a mold
  3. 3. To vomit.
  4. 4. To send or drive by force; to throw; to fling; to hurl; to impel.
  5. 5. To direct or turn, as the eyes.
  6. 6. To throw down, as in wrestling.
  7. 7. To throw up, as a mound, or rampart.
  8. 8. To throw off; to eject; to shed; to lose.
  9. 9. To bring forth prematurely; to slink.
  10. 10. To throw out or emit; to exhale.
  11. 11. To cause to fall; to shed; to reflect; to throw; as, to cast a ray upon a screen; to cast light upon a subject.
  12. 12. To impose; to bestow; to rest.
  13. 13. To dismiss; to discard; to cashier.
  14. 14. To compute; to reckon; to calculate; as, to cast a horoscope.
  15. 15. To contrive; to plan.
  16. 16. To defeat in a lawsuit; to decide against; to convict; as, to be cast in damages.
  17. 17. To turn ( the balance or scale); to overbalance; hence, to make preponderate; to decide; as, a casting voice.
  18. 18. To form into a particular shape, by pouring liquid metal or other material into a mold; to fashion; to found; as, to cast bells, stoves, bullets.
  19. 19. To stereotype or electrotype.
  20. 20. To fix, distribute, or allot, as the parts of a play among actors; also to assign ( an actor) for a part.
  21. 21. To throw, as a line in angling, esp, with a fly hook.
  22. 22. To turn the head of a vessel around from the wind in getting under weigh.
  23. 23. To consider; to turn or revolve in the mind; to plan; as, to cast about for reasons.
  24. 24. To calculate; to compute.
  25. 25. To receive form or shape in a mold.
  26. 26. To warp; to become twisted out of shape.
  27. 27. 3d pres. of Cast, for Casteth.
  28. 28. The act of casting or throwing; a throw.
  29. 29. The thing thrown.
  30. 30. The distance to which a thing is or can be thrown.
  31. 31. A throw of dice; hence, a chance or venture.
  32. 32. The act of casting in a mold.
  33. 33. An impression or mold, taken from a thing or person; amold; a pattern.
  34. 34. That which is formed in a mild; esp. a reproduction or copy, as of a work of art, in bronze or plaster, etc.; a casting.
  35. 35. Form; appearence; mien; air; style; as, a peculiar cast of countenance.
  36. 36. A tendency to any color; a tinge; a shade.
  37. 37. A chance, opportunity, privilege, or advantage; specifically, an opportunity of riding; a lift.
  38. 38. The assignment of parts in a play to the actors.
  39. 39. A flight or a couple or set of hawks let go at one time from the hand.
  40. 40. A stoke, touch, or trick.
  41. 41. A motion or turn, as of the eye; direction; look; glance; squint.
  42. 42. A tube or funnel for conveying metal into a mold.
  43. 43. Four; that is, as many as are thrown into a vessel at once in counting herrings, etc; a warp.
  44. 44. Contrivance; plot, design.
  45. 45. of Cast.
  46. 46. A throw; turn; appearance; form given by a mould.
  47. 47. To throw; reckon; mould.

cast - examples of usage

  1. All this had never struck her so clearly as it did this afternoon, when she felt that her lot was cast with them for ever. - "Night and Day", Virginia Woolf.
  2. " One more cast of the line," said he, " and that shall be the last." - "Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists", Washington Irving.
  3. Her eye was often cast down in thought. - "Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists", Washington Irving.
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