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Carving meaning

carving - 6 dictionary results

  1. 1. creating figures or designs in three dimensions
  2. 2. a sculpture created by carving ( as wood or ivory or stone)
  3. 3. of Carve
  4. 4. The act or art of one who carves.
  5. 5. A piece of decorative work cut in stone, wood, or other material.
  6. 6. The whole body of decorative sculpture of any kind or epoch, or in any material; as, the Italian carving of the 15th century.

carving - examples of usage

  1. It is sixty- two feet in length by forty in breadth, and the roofage of it is lofty and done in elaborate Gothic, rich in carving and other ornament.
  2. Will gave a shout, and let the knife with which he was carving the ham, fall on the table.
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