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Cabaret meaning

cabaret - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. A tavern; a house where liquors are retailed.
  2. 2. a type of restaurant where liquor and dinner is served, and entertainment is provided, as by musicians, dancers, or comedians, and providing space for dancing by the patrons; -- similar to a nightclub. The term cabaret is often used in the names of such an establishment.
  3. 3. the type of entertainment provided in a cabaret{ 2}.
  4. 4. In the United States, a cafe or restaurant where the guests are entertained by performers who dance or sing on the floor between the tables, after the practice of a certain class of French taverns; hence, an entertainment of this nature.

cabaret - examples of usage

  1. A small cabaret being open, I intended to take up my quarters there until I could obtain some means of conveyance to the Chateau La Touche. - "Paddy Finn", W. H. G. Kingston.
  2. They had lost sight of the Reddons from the moment they entered the Paris train, for the Reddons, having second- class tickets, were forced to wait for a slower train, which they didn't seem to mind as it gave them a chance to see the little town and lunch in a cabaret instead of paying for an expensive meal on the wagon- restaurant as the Bragdons did. - "One Woman's Life", Robert Herrick.
  3. Dinner, theater and a gorgeous cabaret affair afterwards. - "The Salamander", Owen Johnson.
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