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Blithe meaning

blithe - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. Joyous; merry.

blithe - examples of usage

  1. When work is done and evening come, We saunter to the park, And there, 'neath elm and willow trees We're blithe as soaring lark.
  2. The little old place is not upon any of the great routes, so that the servants of the inn have not become too republican for civility, and a blithe waiting- maid is at hand to take our luggage.
  3. Instead of speaking at once, as he had planned, to prevent her escaping, he was struck speechless, for the vision that met his eyes was that which he had seen one blithe spring morning three months before; but to- night there was no shawl to conceal her sweetly rounded neck and shoulders, whose whiteness was startling against the black of the ball- room gown.
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