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Belonging meaning

belonging - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. of Belong
  2. 2. That which belongs to one; that which pertains to one; hence, goods or effects.
  3. 3. That which is connected with a principal or greater thing; an appendage; an appurtenance.
  4. 4. Family; relations; household.

belonging - examples of usage

  1. At the convent everybody seems to think of him as belonging to them personally. - "The Shepherd of the North", Richard Aumerle Maher.
  2. " Here's something belonging to Hamby. - "They Call Me Carpenter", Upton Sinclair.
  3. I also manage a property in the parish of Cunningsburgh belonging to my father. - "Second Shetland Truck System Report", William Guthrie.
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