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Belong meaning

belong - 8 dictionary results

  1. 1. be owned by; be in the possession of; " This book belongs to me"
  2. 2. To be the property of; as, Jamaica belongs to Great Britain.
  3. 3. To be a part of, or connected with; to be appendant or related; to owe allegiance or service.
  4. 4. To be the concern or proper business or function of; to appertain to.
  5. 5. To be suitable for; to be due to.
  6. 6. To be native to, or an inhabitant of; esp. to have a legal residence, settlement, or inhabitancy, whether by birth or operation of law, so as to be entitled to maintenance by the parish or town.
  7. 7. To be deserved by.
  8. 8. To be the property of; pertain to.

belong - examples of usage

  1. I didn't have any regiment of my own, then, but now I belong in General Scott's army." - "Ahead of the Army", W. O. Stoddard.
  2. I belong to General Zuroaga. - "Ahead of the Army", W. O. Stoddard.
  3. I belong to a West Country regiment, and all my friends are in the South." - "The Rough Road", William John Locke.
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