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Belief meaning

belief - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. Assent to a proposition or affirmation, or the acceptance of a fact, opinion, or assertion as real or true, without immediate personal knowledge; reliance upon word or testimony; partial or full assurance without positive knowledge or absolute certainty; persuasion; conviction; confidence; as, belief of a witness; the belief of our senses.
  2. 2. A persuasion of the truths of religion; faith.
  3. 3. The thing believed; the object of belief.
  4. 4. A tenet, or the body of tenets, held by the advocates of any class of views; doctrine; creed.
  5. 5. Persuasion of the truth; that which is believed; faith.

belief - examples of usage

  1. I've a great belief in him. - "Night and Day", Virginia Woolf.
  2. It was how the doubt came in and the belief went out. - "The Devil's Garden", W. B. Maxwell.
  3. But the power is not in the words but in our belief in their power. - "The Law and the Word", Thomas Troward.
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