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Bark meaning

bark - 13 dictionary results

  1. 1. To strip the bark from; to peel.
  2. 2. To abrade or rub off any outer covering from; as to bark one's heel.
  3. 3. To girdle. See Girdle, v. t., 3.
  4. 4. To cover or inclose with bark, or as with bark; as, to bark the roof of a hut.
  5. 5. To make a clamor; to make importunate outcries.
  6. 6. The short, loud, explosive sound uttered by a dog; a similar sound made by some other animals.
  7. 7. Alt. of Barque
  8. 8. To make a short, loud, explosive noise with the vocal organs; - said of some animals, but especially of dogs.
  9. 9. A small ship; a three- masted vessel with fore- and- aft- rigged mizzen.
  10. 10. The noise made by a dog.
  11. 11. The rind of a tree.
  12. 12. To make a noise like a dog.
  13. 13. To strip bark from.

bark - examples of usage

  1. His bark was tremendous, and might be distinguished nearly a mile off. - "Stories of Animal Sagacity", W.H.G. Kingston.
  2. Not a dog of the party can bark against him. - "Daniel Defoe", William Minto.
  3. One morning perhaps he would come in to talk with the squire about the ash wood they were going to cut in the ensuing winter, or about the oak bark which had not been paid for. - "Hodge and His Masters", Richard Jefferies.
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