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Backhanded meaning

backhanded - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. With the hand turned backward; as, a backhanded blow.
  2. 2. Indirect; awkward; insincere; sarcastic; as, a backhanded compliment.
  3. 3. Turned back, or inclining to the left; as, a backhanded letters.

backhanded - examples of usage

  1. Wrathfully, Master Rababull took one step forward and backhanded the surprised woman to the floor with a single blow. - "Si'Wren of the Patriarchs", Roland Cheney.
  2. Why, the fact is, Mr. Willoughby, they do say, that he got his money in a backhanded sort of fashion. - "The Allen House or Twenty Years Ago and Now", T. S. Arthur.
  3. Perhaps it is only another aspect of the spirit of altruism, a sort of backhanded vicariousness. - "The Complete Essays of C. D. Warner", Charles Dudley Warner.
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