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Anchorage meaning

anchorage - 8 dictionary results

  1. 1. The act of anchoring, or the condition of lying at anchor.
  2. 2. A place suitable for anchoring or where ships anchor; a hold for an anchor.
  3. 3. The set of anchors belonging to a ship.
  4. 4. Something which holds like an anchor; a hold; as, the anchorages of the Brooklyn Bridge.
  5. 5. Something on which one may depend for security; ground of trust.
  6. 6. A toll for anchoring; anchorage duties.
  7. 7. Abode of an anchoret.
  8. 8. D., ground for anchoring in.

anchorage - examples of usage

  1. Probably more than sixty sail now appeared, in the full radiance of the most brilliant September sunshine, opposite to the Idisenhang, some at anchor, some in an unbroken chain forming a sort of bridge of boats from the place of anchorage to the shore.
  2. Cubina conjectured, and correctly, that there was a path leading from the anchorage of the canoe; and to find this was his first purpose.
  3. Some of them were stationed on the tree, among its branches, with the design that they should drop upon the shoulders of the Coromantee, as soon as he should arrive at his anchorage.
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