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Amend meaning

amend - 6 dictionary results

  1. 1. To change or modify in any way for the better
  2. 2. by simply removing what is erroneous, corrupt, superfluous, faulty, and the like;
  3. 3. by supplying deficiencies;
  4. 4. by substituting something else in the place of what is removed; to rectify.
  5. 5. To grow better by rectifying something wrong in manners or morals; to improve.
  6. 6. To make better; to correct.

amend - examples of usage

  1. It was further added, that if those thirteen brethren should see anything that ought to be amended by another writing, they should so amend it by common assent or counsel.
  2. Together they paced the deck in the midnight watch, and spoke of their future prospects, till even Hernan believed that he had resolved to amend.
  3. The bill, however, was defeated through the influence of the majority leader of the Assembly, and instead a concurrent resolution to amend the Constitution, proposed by him, passed the first of three requisite stages of adoption.
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