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Alluring meaning

alluring - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. of Allure
  2. 2. That allures; attracting; charming; tempting.
  3. 3. Tempting; enticing.

alluring - examples of usage

  1. She lamented her lack of scientific training, and her deficiency in the processes of logic, but she set her mind to work at once to make the prospects of the cause appear as alluring and important as she could. - "Night and Day", Virginia Woolf.
  2. As I walked back up the platform she was standing three- quarter ways towards me, the attitude which displays best that most alluring line in a woman's figure, the line from under the arms to the waist. - "To-morrow?", Victoria Cross.
  3. He's been here two or three times, and I must confess I find him a most alluring rascal." - "At Sunwich Port, Complete", W.W. Jacobs.
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