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Action meaning

action - 16 dictionary results

  1. 1. a process existing in or produced by nature ( rather than by the intent of human beings); " the action of natural forces"; " volcanic activity"
  2. 2. put in effect; " carry out a task"; " execute the decision of the people"; " He actioned the operation"
  3. 3. A process or condition of acting or moving, as opposed to rest; the doing of something; exertion of power or force, as when one body acts on another; the effect of power exerted on one body by another; agency; activity; operation; as, the action of heat; a man of action.
  4. 4. An act; a thing done; a deed; an enterprise. ( pl.): Habitual deeds; hence, conduct; behavior; demeanor.
  5. 5. The event or connected series of events, either real or imaginary, forming the subject of a play, poem, or other composition; the unfolding of the drama of events.
  6. 6. Movement; as, the horse has a spirited action.
  7. 7. Effective motion; also, mechanism; as, the breech action of a gun.
  8. 8. Any one of the active processes going on in an organism; the performance of a function; as, the action of the heart, the muscles, or the gastric juice.
  9. 9. Gesticulation; the external deportment of the speaker, or the suiting of his attitude, voice, gestures, and countenance, to the subject, or to the feelings.
  10. 10. The attitude or position of the several parts of the body as expressive of the sentiment or passion depicted.
  11. 11. A suit or process, by which a demand is made of a right in a court of justice; in a broad sense, a judicial proceeding for the enforcement or protection of a right, the redress or prevention of a wrong, or the punishment of a public offense.
  12. 12. A right of action; as, the law gives an action for every claim.
  13. 13. An engagement between troops in war, whether on land or water; a battle; a fight; as, a general action, a partial action.
  14. 14. The mechanical contrivance by means of which the impulse of the player's finger is transmitted to the strings of a pianoforte or to the valve of an organ pipe.
  15. 15. Another term for a lawsuit. For example, a plaintiff might say, " I began this negligence action last fall after the defendant, Ms. Adams, struck me while I was crossing the street at Elm and Main."
  16. 16. A deed; operation; gesture; a battle; a lawsuit.

action - examples of usage

  1. He was a man of action as well as a man of letters. - "Daniel Defoe", William Minto.
  2. She was glad to face daylight and action. - "The Shepherd of the North", Richard Aumerle Maher.
  3. But the man within is busy- full of action. - "Hodge and His Masters", Richard Jefferies.
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